• Martin cutting off caps
  • Working with honeybees
  • Hive Collapse Disorder!
  • Josh with full frame
  • Several Hives
  • Andy wrapping Hives
  • Monthly Meeting
  • Frame entering Extractor
  • Jerrell Thomas in backyard
  • Young Beekeepers
  • Josh with Final Product
  • Bees working on plastic frame
  • The Bee Truck


Welcome to the Milwaukee Waukesha Beekeepers Association. We are comprised of men, women and youth interested in the art of beekeeping. Some of our members are new to beekeeping, and some members have enjoyed this hobby for years.

Our membership ranges across many professions and a wide age group. We have members with more than a hundred hives to others with only one hive. We foster an environment in which you can increase your knowledge of beekeeping and teach others.

Through our various programs, you are sure to find a good fit. Peruse our web pages to learn more about our association.

We extend an invitation for you to attend our monthly meetings (generally the first Monday of each month) at the Brookfield Library. See our calendar for more information.